Fall Tree Care Tips

#1 Water Your Tree
If a homeowner’s tree is showing brown or any signs of drought, give the tree a drink of water. Most trees have a deep enough root system that they don’t require watering. However, many patio trees or trees suitable for planting in your yard because they grow small root balls, may require water.

#2 Remove Trees Planted in Troublesome Locations
If a tree is planted next to a home’s foundation, grows too tall or too big of a root ball, homeowners should seriously consider removing the tree.

#3 Prune Trees for Safety and Accessibility
If a homeowner’s tree is several years old, you may limb up the tree to make it easier to walk past it on a sidewalk or path.

#4 Hire an Arborist to Prune Large Trees
If a home owner’s large trees have any of the following danger signs : too dense of a crown, too narrow of a crotch between limbs, too wide a crotch, dead or weakened wood, or a cavity in the trunk consult an expert arborist to aid them in pruning it.

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